Best Memories 2016:2

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Snow days.


Random snow days have got to be one of the greatest unexpected pleasures in life. Childhood or adult. Yes, you may have to work through them as an adult, but there is something irresistibly exciting about the prospect of sitting in your jammies and watching the snow come down while you sort through the everyday business of work.

We knew a snowstorm was coming, so as two informed adults we prepped wisely. We got the snow shovel from Kurt’s house, waited in line at the grocery store, visited Lowe’s for the firewood, and stocked up at the Liquor Barn like Armageddon was coming. We are feeling especially smug (for no good reason) as we sit here not wanting for anything. Being completely prepared has turned this day, and potentially weekend, into a best memory.

There is something about working side by side with my Love. Kurt does IT support for AAA. His pleasant tone and attitude toward jerk colleagues completely endears me while knowing the Kracken that begs to be released on these people who blame their IT issues on him. I get to giggle over the issues that seem like commonsense and experience first-hand the things he tells me on normal days. I also love every single opportunity for a hug, kiss, and snuggle. We spend so much of our lives with co-workers, and not the people that we value the most. Snow days bring the best of both those worlds together.

Tonight we are going to kick back with out LB procurements, a toasty fire, and a bunch of movies. The snow will fall, the wind will blow, but we’ll be safe, warm, and together. As far as best memories go, this one is pretty mundane, but I want to remember it.


Best Memories 2016:1

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New Year’s Day

Kurt knows how much I love to sleep in. He tends to be both a night owl and early bird. We stayed up until about 1:30 or 2am after celebrating with friends. This first day of 2016 he let me sleep in without interruption. When I finally mustered the energy to get up, I arrived downstairs to beautiful yellow roses, all the makings of a great brunch (champagne, tea, English muffins, veggie cream cheese, eggs, and smoke salmon), and a smiling fiance.

He captained brunch making. I was his diligent sous chef. Once everything was ready, we sat down and thanked God and enjoyed an excellent scramble and cream cheese doused muffins.

The rest of the afternoon we hung around Kurt’s firepit, listening to music, sipping adult beverages, and talking about 2015. Later in the evening we picked up food from Meats BBQ Market… an interesting experience (check out Kurt’s Yelp review). Then we ended the night with playing Monsters on the Playstation and watched Friday.

This year I have resolved to post all my best memories. So often, our favorite memories get overshadowed by those that are mundane, sad, or upsetting. I am so excited to marry Kurt this year. I am so excited to gain a daughter. I am so excitied to see friends that I rarely get to, and to meet new ones. I am so excited to travel.

2015 was seriously good to me. It is harder than I thought it would be to remember all the best moments. That is the goal of my blog this year. I just want to be able to relive and celebrate the great moments.

“…Is Interested In You”

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People and their pets edition..



I’m sensing similarities. 

End of the 4th Quarter

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It’s been a good run, but this Quarterback is ready for a break.  The fans always want more game-time action, but even the best player needs time for rest and introspection.  The past few months have been particularly hard for me.  I’m finding it hard to candy coat the issues into a sugary concoction that provides lots of smiles, but no real substance.  After several long talks with one of my dearest (also most opinionated) advisors, I have decided that it is time for the 4th quarter to end.

It really has been a lot of fun sharing my stories, pictures, and self-righteous opinions.  To all who read, at least occasionally, thank you.  I loved your comments and seeing my blog get more than 5 views.  I am taking this blog to a journal.  It is time for less funny and more self-evaluation.  It is time for fewer photographs and more mental pictures.  It is time to celebrate the win and start preparing for the next game.

Take care my friends.  I love you.


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Occasionally I enjoy stalking my blog stalkers (totally a name of endearment — I love anyone who will put up with the monkey-like randomness I present you when I post).  Now, rest assured my dear BSers (ha ha), I do not know who you are; only what you are looking at.  Since this blog has been going on for over three years now, I enjoy reading whatever it is you all have read most recently, particularly the old stuff.

Tonight I started rereading.  Tonight I also allowed me to adore myself!  This is in no way meant to be cocky.  I generally assume that anything I write is for the better part, garbage, and am flattered that my friends will entertain my love of writing by reading said trash.  Rereading tonight let me read my words through different eyes.  I found myself thinking, “Who the heck is this chick?  She is hi-larious!”  I blushed and smiled smugly when I remembered that it was me.  Smugly because I got one over on myself.  (The blush was mostly from the glass of Chardonnay.)

Anyway, I need to thank you, my expansive (as in 10 – 20) audience, for reintroducing me to me!  You all inspire me to write more and to keep fighting the good fight towards a true career in writing (so I can make less than I am making now.  It will be awesome!).

Minnesota Doncha Know!

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End of the month!  Better get one in to keep up with my goal!  Here it is…

So much to blog about! Where to begin?  Seeing my track record in blogging about things that happened in the past, I should probably start with my trip to Minnesota.  Also, from here on out, you should probably read this with a Minnesotan accent [think the movie Fargo (different yes, but similar), if you are unfamiliar].  Why?  Because it’s so fun, ya know!  (Anything in parentheses you can read in your regular “Katie” voice… Also, score for me for getting to use brackets!  Okay, back to the Minnesotan accent.)

Getting up to the Twin Cities really frosted my butt, don’t ya know.  Da plane outta Louisville was delayed, so I missed my connection in Chicago and hadta stay overnight.  By da time I made it up to da Cities, I was in desperate need of comfy shoes, a hot shower, and a hug.  Luckily, Beth helped me with alla dose things. Dat evening we headed up to the local watering hole, Tootsie’s.  Stephen even decided to come wit!  It’s a fun little spot fer sure.  We had some drinks, played some pull tabs den headed back to der house to relax and get to bed at a decent time.

Da next morning Beth and I got ready for da Twins game and headed over to da Nort Star station.  Der was some innerestin’ people watching after alla da people got on da train.  Thanks to a nice co-worker, Beth got great tickets, not dat it helped da Twinkies win.  We still had a fantastic time.  After a stop for a delicious deep fried dinner, we headed back to der house to cheer on da Cats and get invitations ready for Ari’s baby shower.

On Sunday, Beth and I made a big pot of chili and the tree (3) of us, settled in for a day of football and relaxin ya know.  Monday came way to quickly and soon as you know it, I was on a plane and on my way back to Kentucky.

(Okay, you can exit Minnesota speak now.)  Yes, that was not my best blog.  Minnesotan is a hard “language” to conquer!  Seriously though, this was one of the best trips I have made to Minnesota.  I didn’t get sick once and we really had an amazing time.  Besteban (their couple name) are phenomenal hosts.  I always loathe leaving.  Now for what you really want, pictures!

Note to Self

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Note to Self:  The bathroom is not a good place to talk to yourself; especially if you are not the only person in there.